About Us

What We Do

TalkingLands takes away the traditional woes of marketing and maintaining your land, by providing a virtual marketplace for buyers and sellers of real estate. It connects users to their lands like never before.

Why We Do It

An average real estate site visit is time consuming, tedious and taxing, requiring multiple visits and interactions. TalkingLands has been designed to address these issues, to streamline the process of owning land.

How it Works

TalkingLands uses Artificial Intelligence-enabled Mapping Technology to offer built-in location intelligence data on land in various cities and towns across regions. These insights include city development master plans, city wards, approval limits, growth clusters and leading infrastructure projects.

With TalkingLands, information that was traditionally the privilege of a few stakeholders within the real estate space is now available to anyone wishing to access it, for informed decision making.

As a User, you can map your property on the Landmap page. A personalized dashboard gives you the facility to upload information regarding your property such as land details, the asset inventories, and photos and videos. You can also manage important land-related documents and property tax receipts, with periodic reminders to pay your property tax.

Once a mapped project is clicked on by a prospective buyer, a microsite appears that gives project-related location insights, proximity to important civic amenities and landmarks, and various digital maps. The microsite also gives approval ratings, weather data, and the price per sq.ft. Prospective buyers can access thousands of mapped projects on the TalkingLands Landmap page.

Who We Are


TalkingLands consists of a team of passionate technology, agriculture and marketing professionals with expertise and experience in all facets of real estate development and land management. The solution is a result of years of research and understanding of the real estate, the farmland ecosystem, and the practices, processes and challenges in the transaction cycle. TalkingLands is poised to bring about a disruptive change in the Land Management space.