3D Mapping: A Game Changer in Real Estate

3D Mapping is the visual representation of an object in three dimensions that enables it to be mapped in the real-world. The TalkingLands 3D Mapping application provides a real time visualization of real estate that is as close to reality as it gets. 3D mapping technology has reshaped the way commercial real estate is managed and marketed. In 2020, 63% of US buyers made an offer on a home without making an in-person visit. Halstead, a real estate company, found that people stay on pages with 3D walkthroughs 10 times longer than on pages without.

 Benefits of 3D Mapping

1.      Survey from the Comfort of your Home

While anyone would like to pay their land and property a personal visit, times like these warrant you to stay home. It is here that 3D Mapping comes handy. You get an overview of your land, and information of its properties without having to step out of your home. This leisurely, engaging, and enlightening activity can help you monitor your land and track your assets at all times.

2.     Security

3D Mapping ensures a clear demarcation of property. The boundaries of your land are clearly visible, enabling you to check for encroachments on your property. You get access to a real time view of your property 24/7, and are also able to keep track of security issues such as break-ins and vandalism which enables you to take timely action.

3.      Increase Customer Base

Since 2D snapshots do not provide a clear idea on the depth of the features of your property, most customers have no choice but to physically visit the property. This reduces your customer reach and increases the time your property is on the market. 3D walkthroughs ensure that your property is visible to a wider audience, and ensures a quicker sale of your land, thereby reducing its market time.

4.      Survey the Neighborhood

Potential customers can survey the neighborhood for the nearest schools, colleges, hospitals, supermarkets, etc. 3D Mapping can provide location-intelligent insights into the proximity of a property to such necessary features. You can also look for surrounding water bodies, parks, museums etc. depending on your preferences. The market value of your property would naturally increase with its accessibility and surrounding amenities, and 3D Mapping gives you access and information regarding the same.

5.      Track upcoming developments in the neighborhood

As 3D Mapping provides a real time view, you can regularly track if any new construction is taking place nearby. This makes sure that you keep track of the neighborhood, even if you stay on the other side of the world.

6.      Better Value for Money

A property owner who wants to sell has to invest a lot of time and money for physical showings of the property. A real estate agent is usually present at all showings and the house must be in pristine condition every time the customers visit. As you don’t know how long your property will be on the market, it could easily burn a hole in your pocket. Virtual walk-throughs reduce the number of customers visiting your property and decrease the amount of time your property is on the market by 31%. (Source: https://matterport.com/industries/real-estate) 


Applications of 3D Mapping

 While real estate owners have just started using 3D Mapping to market their product to more users, 3D Mapping has been around for a while now. Mentioned below are a few examples of existing and future applications of 3D Mapping:

         1)     City Planning

To dilute the consequences of rapid urbanization, it’s important for city planners to carefully determine the best way to grow urban areas. 3D Mapping helps city planners visualize their proposed changes, and predict the outcomes for current residents and future generations.

         2)     Agricultural Land Management

Spatial Land Mapping is used to keep track of agricultural assets and help perform precision farming successfully.

         3)     Renovation of properties

A detailed 3D Map Layout of the indoor and outdoor spaces of your property acts as a blueprint for its renovation.

        4)     Driverless cars

Currently, driverless cars use the help of Google Maps and driver input to drive cars without human intervention. With the help of 3D Mapping in the future, they can become more accurate as it provides a real time view. This will reduce the number of accidents and travel time.

5)     Smart Cities

In the future, smart cities can keep track of all their assets and see if any area is in need of renovation or replacement. Algorithms can be used to track if there are any changes or abnormalities.


3D Mapping has the potential to revolutionize the real estate industry. All the processes of buying and selling real estate will be done virtually. Building and renovating properties will become much easier with 3D imaging. Thus, make sure you stay ahead of the curve and use 3D Mapping for all your real estate needs.



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