Document Management System

When it comes to the whole process of buying, owning or selling real estate, documentation is at the same time the most tedious, most complicated, and most important aspect. If you decide to delay or ignore it, chances are it could lead to costly litigation or loss of money and property. The vast number of documents required also increases its likeliness of one of them being overlooked or misplaced.

The documents needed depend on the type of property, the jurisdiction of the state in which the property belongs to and various other factors. While buying a land mostly requires a Sale Deed, its format may vary from state to state. Some states have laws that ban non-agriculturists from purchasing agricultural lands, whereas some states have restrictions based on the income of the buyer. You could face roadblocks in buying land and maintaining its documents if you aren’t aware of the process.

A document management system is used to receive, track, and manage documents. It is important to know which document is required in the real estate process and why. The Mother Deed, for example, traces the origin of property as well as all other relevant conveyance deeds. The Khata Certificate is required for the registration of a new property and for the transfer of a property. The Power of Attorney is needed to establish whether the previous Sale or Purchase was carried out by an authorized person on the behalf of the Sellers or Buyers. NOCs are required from different departments to ensure Govt. approvals are in place. All these documents are mandatory without which it is not possible to buy or sell property. Thus, we need a document management system that lets you store and edit these important documents in one place.

The document management system that patrons of TalkingLands are privy to enables them to:

1. Secure end-to-end encryption of documents

2. Access all documents in one place

3. Share documents

4. View the land and land-related documents in the same place through real-time 

5. View, edit, and manage documents

So, whether you are looking to buy a piece of land, or already own one that you want to secure, head over to and register yourself today.