The Relevance of Web Designing

The real estate market is highly competitive and has battled an image of being opaque and unapproachable. A great property website design with all the information about a plot or property coupled with great visuals built on a robust geo-mapping platform will allow any potential client to see the real worth of the project. Listing properties on plain static websites is no longer enough. Potential customers want a more immersive experience when they look for properties. Real estate website design is a niche offering but is crucial for marketing any form of real estate today.

The TalkingLands team will develop a website that will display all the information you wish to have on it. It can either be a website for your company with a portfolio of all the work you have completed, current projects and future endeavours or a project-specific site with all the details of the project. TalkingLands leverages its expertise in drone photography and 3D architectural mapping to provide details that would otherwise not be possible on a standard static website. The website will have a feature that will allow potential customers to access your project details from TalkingLands.

TalkingLands’ proprietary dynamic mapping technology is a critical component of its real estate website design services. The technology allows you to map a land of any shape or size. Once the land is mapped, you can upload images, videos and even create 3D walkthroughs on the website. TalkingLands comes with an AI-enabled location intelligence feature that will give you deep insights into the location of your property or plot on various aspects such as elevation, population, infrastructure developments in the vicinity, etc.

We are in the digital era, where having a great website with all the information upfront and accessible is the most basic requirement. The nature of the sector demands that you have a visual, engaging and sophisticated real estate website design. TalkingLands leverages its strengths in geo-mapping and combines it with great design and aesthetic to produce a world class website for your properties.