Billing and Drip monitoring System for DRIP MAnufacturers and Dealers. Map installation & Prepare bill as per government guideline.

Drip Irrigation Management System is designed to map your Drip and all the inventories that are available on your land. This will help drip manufacturers to bill the government and claim the subsidy of the system. Map the entire Drip system with a water source, mains, subs, laterals. Draw the map using the available tools. Draw path from the nearby village, get Elevation of land to understand proper installation. And reduce your billing cost and time.

This helps manufacturers and Dealers of Drip Irrigation to reduce cost and time of Billing. This also helps in measuring the installations and reduce pilferage of materials. Prepare a bill with complete drawing on the land and map nearby village and add a photo of the farmer with Geo Coordinates in just 15 minutes. No site visit is required to perform billing.


  • Map Land with the area, dimension, and elevation. Understand the land for installation.
  • Drawing tools to draw the layout of your installation.
  • Measure the installation and know the materials use.
  • Enter all the inventories like fencing, borewell, pump, motor, etc.
  • Edit the drawing at any time.
  • Draw route from the nearby village and measure it.
  • Take the image of the farmer with Geo-coordinates and incorporate it.
  • (when an FPO manages the land)
  • Make your billing easy and simple
  • Store all your drawings for future reference.
  • Provide a link to the government to check online and release the payment early.
  • Take a print of the drip layout as well as save in PDF.
  • Create a Database of farmers and increase the business.

Target Audience / Industry Appliances

  • Drip Manufacturers
  • Dealers of Drip Irrigation
  • Farmers
  • Land owners
  • Local government and local bodies.