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What is Land

A Land Management Solution uses deep AI-enabled Location Intelligence to provide unique insights regarding your land. These insights feature important landmarks around the mapped property, such as industrial developments, upcoming townships and highways, and the proximity of the property to schools, colleges, and airports. The intelligence also includes weather data, climate zone maps, and surrounding water bodies and forests.

Use manual mapping tools/geo-coordinates to map your own land, and put it on the virtual marketplace to attract buyers.

Manage all important documents in one place to avoid any future legal hassles.

Manage your land assets such as machines, fences, and security cameras through the Inventory Management.

Get your land verified by scheduling a physical visit through TalkingLands, and provide buyers with a sense of security regarding your land.

Upload photos and videos of your land, and provide detailed surveys through virtual walkthroughs that save both time resources.

Get 360-degree views and a drone coverage of the entire property, to do away with the need of an actual physical visit.

Advantages & Benefits

Saves costs of resources, staff, and brochures by keep everything virtual.


The web link of a Layout mapped on TalkingLands can be sent to any number of people.


A virtual presence means that distribution and visibility are easy, expendable, and convenient.


Target Audience

  • Farmers
  • Individual landowners
  • Companies or families that own many lands
  • Brokers dealing in lands
  • Farmer Producer Organizations
  • Gram Panchayats and Village Panchayats