Drone real estate photography is fast turning from an exception into a norm. TalkingLands drone services provide scale and perspective to a property, backed by a rich and immersive experience to clients showing them the full scope of the selected property. Drone services are not just a marketing tool for completed or under construction property; they are also a key tool to develop real estate and land.

  • Residential Real Estate: Drones provide an aerial viewpoint to gated communities, residential clusters, and townships. Potential buyers get an immersive visual display of the property where they can see the width of the roads and pavements, the proximity to civic amenities and the overall landscaping of the project.

  • Commercial Real Estate: Drones provide a great insight into large commercial real estate properties such as malls and shopping centres. Whether it’s business parks, offices, or malls, prospective buyers get to see how shared amenities such as parking lots, canteens and cafés are distributed across the area, thereby showcasing the overall feel of the property’s layout.

  • Land Development: Drones are being deployed across the country to get visuals of agricultural lands and large infrastructure projects such as highways, railway lines. Government and planning agencies use these services to get the accurate location of the land, the geographical contours of the plot, and knowledge of the existence of settlements and amenities. 

  • Differentiating your property online is crucial in an environment as competitive as real estate. Our drone services will help you by ensuring that your property cuts through the clutter and engages potential buyers. 

  • Aerial photography is captivating and surreal and hence is extremely effective in holding people’s attention. Using our services and solutions, potential customers will watch with rapt attention as they soar above the landscape and glide through your property in a virtual tour.  

  • Information gathered through a drone service very often allows planners to make a preliminary assessment of what costs they can expect while undertaking a project.